Police Officer


For many citizens their only interaction with the Shelbyville Police Department may be during a routine traffic stop or during an investigation. In addition to our standard law enforcement duties the Shelbyville Police Department provide several programs to help educate and enlighten the citizenry of Shelbyville. For more information about these programs call 502-633-2326. 

Community Resource Officer

Sergeant Kelly Cable is the Community Resource Officer for the Shelbyville Police Department. Sergeant Cable regularly participates in various community events and is available to present at your next organizational meeting. The community resource officer also initiates and facilitates the Neighborhood Watch Program. 
Neighborhood Block Watch

Neighborhood Watch, Block Watch, Town Watch, Apartment Watch, Crime Watch -- no matter what it's called, this is one of the most effective and least costly answers to crime. Watch groups are a foundation of community crime prevention, they can be a stepping stone to community revitalization. For more information or to get involved please contact the Shelbyville Police Department at 502-633-2326.

Child Identification – Ident-A-Kid

The Child Identity Card or Ident-A-Kid helps parents or guardians in their time of crisis and greatest need. This program allows you to collect personal information on your child including DNA in the form of strands of hair, thumb prints and a recent photo. These cards are provided by the Shelbyville Police Department and the parent needs only to keep it in a safe, easy to get to place so that in the unfortunate event that a child goes missing this vital information is readily available. To schedule a time to get your Child Identity Card call 502-633-2326. 

Child Safety Seat Inspection

In our ongoing efforts to look out for the future of Shelbyville the Shelbyville Police Department gladly offers free child safety seat installation inspections and instructions. Many people may not be aware of this but there is a right way and a wrong way to install a child seat in ones personal vehicle. A child seat that has been incorrectly installed can in the event of an accident lead to serious injury including fatalities. Just buckling a child seat in sounds simple enough but if done incorrectly the consequences can be dire. For that reason several of our officers have been certified in the correct ways to install a child seat into your vehicle. For more information regarding this program or to schedule a time to have your vehicle inspected please call 502-633-2326. 

Public Speaking - upon request

The officers of the Shelbyville Police Department are available to speak on a wide array of subjects from gun safety, to drug awareness and education, crime prevention and many more. If you are a member of a civic organization or community group and are interested in having one of our officers speak at your event please contact the Shelbyville Police Department at 502-633-2326. 

Department Tours - upon request

The Shelbyville Police Department is fortunate to have the best of both worlds with our new facility. We have a state of the art modern police station contained within a historic community landmark. To schedule a tour of the facility please call 502-633-2326.

Ride Along – upon request

"Ride-along" means to be an official passenger in a patrol vehicle, accompanying a police officer during part of a normal tour of duty. The primary purpose of a police ride-along is to provide an opportunity for the community to see firsthand the day-to-day workings of law enforcement in Shelbyville; the ride-along guest receives important insight into what it means to be a police officer. Criminal Justice students and people interested in a career in law enforcement have found it particularly useful. The ride-along program fosters a better understanding of the challenges, hazards and rewards of the police officer's role in the community. If you are at least 18 years of age and would like to participate in the Ride-Along program please contact the Shelbyville Police Department at 502-633-2326.